The 4 Hottest Stocks In This Crazy Market

by | Sep 1, 2022

Welcome back to the Wolf’s Den,

Things are getting pretty crazy … 

The day trading opportunities right now are mind-blowing. And I’ve got some great examples … 

Minerva Neurosciences Inc (NASDAQ: NERV) is on an eight-day run …

NERV chart Source:

And Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (NASDAQ: BBBY) is at a double bottom right now after releasing $500 finance news

BBBY chart Source:

But neither of these stocks are on my watchlist right now.


Because they’ve been moving for too long. NERV is over-extended, and BBBY has a bunch of resistance above it.

Instead … I found the 3 hottest stocks that just started their spike.

You’ve seen what these charts can look like … we’re just at the beginning.

Stock #1

First on the list is Nuwellis Inc. (NASDAQ: NUWE).

Before the market even opened, my friend Tim Bohen called this trade.

And he’s got proof too. This is the notice he sent out to his followers … 

The price reached $1.85 by 10 a.m. Eastern.

If you want to sign up for his Daily Market Profits … 

Here’s the link.

Yesterday was day one.

This stock has a 10 million share float. It traded more than 10x that amount. And it’s got hot medical news.

This thing could keep going.

Here’s a chart … 

NUWE chart Source: StocksToTrade

Stock #2

IPOs have been hot recently. Like … really hot.

Think about the 19,000% gain on AMTD Digital Inc. (NASDAQ: HKD). That move inspired a whole sector of runners

And the most recent one is Mobilicom Limited (NASDAQ: MOB). It IPOed less than a week ago.

Initially, it kind of fell off a cliff.

But there’s still a lot of intraday volatility to trade. And There’s always a chance it spikes back up to new highs.

Here’s a chart … 

MOB chart Source: StocksToTrade

Stock #3

And last but not least … CF Acquisition Corp. VI (NASDAQ: CFVI) will vote in mid-September on whether it will merge with Rumble.

Rumble is a social media rival to YouTube. In recent weeks, some creators switched over to avoid YouTube’s censorship laws. Most notably, controversial influencer Andrew Tate.

We’ve seen media plays like this explode before. Think about Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: DWAC) and the merger with Trump’s Truth Social.

CFVI is consolidating under highs right now … 

CFVI chart Source: StocksToTrade

How Long It Takes To Profit

It’s different for everyone.

Don’t stress yourself out. The stock market is like a completely different world. You’ve gotta learn new rules and new words. It can be really overwhelming.

I know because I used to think that way too.

But let me tell you something … I became a millionaire trader because I never gave up.

Even if I hadn’t hit the $1 million mark yet, I’d still be grinding. That’s the kind of mindset you need to have.

And if you want to take a shortcut … I’d check out Sykes’ framework.

I didn’t make any real progress until I discovered it.

Here’s the link.

Don’t waste time,


Roland Wolf

Editor, The Wolf’s Den

P.S. Every trader wants to be a millionaire. And a LOT of traders have clicked this link with money in mind. But most fail … it’s because they don’t have what it takes. Do you?

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