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by | Jul 15, 2022

Welcome back to the Wolf’s Den,

There’s only one difference between you and the most profitable traders… 

They know which stocks to trade and the strategies that will extract the most profits out of them. 

I’m not saying that trading is easy, or market conditions are ideal. Because they are not. 

But I would be lying to you if I told you that there aren’t traders making money hand over fist in this market.  

If you’re interested in making more money in the stock market then listen up…

Because I’m about to share with you the strategies working RIGHT NOW and the stocks YOU NEED TO WATCH. 

The Patterns

There are a lot of different trading patterns out there. Some work better than others… 

There are two main strategies Sykes teaches traders right now.

Things can move really fast in this niche. To gain an edge, try signing up for STT Breaking News. Sykes made two huge trades this week using the tool.

Here they are… 



Two former hedge fund managers run the Breaking News chat. They sift through tons of breaking news and alert traders of hot catalysts.

Now that you know the patterns and the tools … make sure to watch the right stocks.

Stocks To Watch

When it comes to trading, we look for the most volatile stocks.

Volatility can turn to profitability if we play the right patterns.

Put these stocks on your watchlist, and wait until they match one of the two patterns above.

Sykes always says, “don’t trade unless there’s a perfect setup”.

You can scroll through his recent trades to identify the right setups.

Then use that info to stalk these runners… 

#1: Clene Inc. (NASDAQ: CLNN)

#2: Canoo Inc. (NASDAQ: GOEV)

#3: ironSource Ltd. (NYSE: IS)

#4: XORTX Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: XRTX)

#5: Advent Technologies Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: ADN)


How To Find Future Spikers

This is just one watchlist. It’ll change as time goes on.

You can always sign up for Sykes’s free Sunday Watchlist.

But to become truly self-sufficient, you’ve gotta discover the framework behind volatile stocks.

Sykes found the framework over twenty years ago and he still uses it today. It hasn’t changed… 

Over two dozen traders, including myself, have used this framework to make $1 million+ in profits.

Serious about trading?

Discover Sykes’s framework here.

Stop wasting trades on horrible setups.

Stop losing. There are opportunities to profit right now.

Let’s get to work,

Roland Wolf

Editor, The Wolf’s Den

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There are significant risks associated with trading stocks and you must be aware of those risks, and willing to accept them, in order to invest in these markets.  Past performance of any trading system or methodology is not indicative of future results.  You should always conduct your own analysis before making investments.

You should not trade with money you cannot afford to lose and there is a risk that trading stocks will result in a complete loss of your investment.  Trading stocks, particularly penny stocks, is not suitable for everyone and requires hard work, due diligence, capital, and substantial time to monitor the market and timely execute trades.

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Originally from Arizona, Roland started trading after a career-ending ankle injury forced him to quit pro soccer. After a few years of hard work, he managed to turn $4,000 into over $1.2 million.

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