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by | Jul 25, 2022

We’re in the middle of a massive market bounce.

After months of non-stop selling, the major indices appear to have found a bottom and are now experiencing some positive momentum.

The S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSE: SPY) managed to spike 10% from lows on June 12. And the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average (NYSE: DIA) spiked 8% from lows made the same day.

You know what that means? 

Traders are increasing their risk appetite and greed is starting to come back into the market.  

There’s no way to tell whether the worst is over. Something could happened next week that drives the market back into a downward spiral.

The Next 46 Days Can Put Your Account on the Fast Track

With many stocks crashing left and right, many people are having a difficult time growing their trading accounts right now.

But this coming Thursday July 28th at 8 p.m. ET… 

Tim Sykes will reveal a strategy that’s so powerful he believes traders have the potential to grow a $1,000 account into a $10,000 account in just the next 46 days!

That’s why it’s so important to stay up-to-date. And to take advantage of this volatility while it lasts.

If you didn’t profit last week, don’t worry. There are always opportunities in my niche. That’s why I love trading penny stocks.

Here were some of the major movers…

  • ToughBuilt Industries Inc. Warrant (NASDAQ: TBLTW)
  • Nuvus Gro Corp (OTCPK: NUVG)
  • Vertical Aerospace Ltd. (NYSE: EVTL)
  • Addex Therapeutics Ltd (NASDAQ: ADXN)
  • Sidus Space Inc. (NASDAQ: SIDU)

Going into the week of July 25, there are some hot stocks to keep an eye on.

And guess what, I chose the best three.

If you jump around trying to follow every stock you’ll get overwhelmed. Or worse… you’ll screw up and make a bad trade.

Follow my lead and that of other millionaire traders…

Discover the best possible chance at profits.

Pick The Right Pattern

There are a lot to choose from.

I don’t trade with every pattern that exists. I don’t know any trader who does.

Instead, the best strategy is to focus on one pattern at a time. Find one that makes sense, then practice trading it.

Over time, you’ll grow more comfortable and you can add patterns to your arsenal.

But starting out can be tough.

Maybe the first pattern you choose won’t be your most profitable strategy. That’s fine, this niche is all about trial and error. Just move on to a new one.

If you want some help starting out, you’re just in time… 

My mentor Tim Sykes found a strategy that lets him 10x his trading position! Say he traded with $100, it could turn into $1,000. Or $1,000 could turn into $10,000.

And here’s the best part. He’s going live on July 28 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern to show us all how it works.

Sometimes it’s easier to sit back and let pros show how it’s done.

I’m tuning in this Thursday with my notebook. This is a profit opportunity I can’t give up… 

You don’t want to miss it.

3 Stocks for This Week

Before I share the hottest stocks for this week … When Monday morning rolls around, I might add something to the watchlist.

You can access my daily watchlists right here.

But if you want to become self-sufficient, here’s what I look for every morning… 

  • Listed stocks below $5
  • Spiking at least 20%
  • Low volume (below 10 million shares)
  • High trading volume (at least 1 million shares)
  • Credible news

If a stock pops up with these criteria, add it to the list and wait for a perfect setup.

#1 Nuvus Gro Corp (OTCPK: NUVG)

I don’t usually trade OTC stocks, but I’m making an exception for this huge spiker.

On July 20th it spiked 880% … and currently, it’s consolidating sideways. There was reverse merger news.

That’s a pretty bullish catalyst. Instead of holding IPOs, sometimes companies will use reverse mergers to go public. Which means their stock trades on listed exchanges.

It shows the company is more sophisticated than, for example, crappy OTC stocks.

#2 Addex Therapeutics Ltd (NASDAQ: ADXN)

On July 21, this stock successfully reduced the total supply of shares.

Lower supply means that all remaining shares are more expensive.

Growing A Small Trading Account? Check this Out

When multi-millionaire trader Mark Croock first started trading, he was an overworked and underpaid accountant…

So he knows what it’s like to start small while wanting to massively grow your wealth as quickly as possible.

That’s why he just recorded a step-by-step training that reveals what he believes is the best options trading method for someone trading with a small account.

How much more expensive is anyone’s guess. I’m not here to time this thing perfectly, I just want to trade good setups and stay disciplined.

The float is only 6 million shares. And it’s moving back toward the breakout level right now… 

#3 Sidus Space Inc (NASDAQ: SIDU)

This low float space play spiked a few days last week.

Here’s the news pushing it higher.

There’s a clear breakout level at $5, that’s what I’ve got my eyes on.

Thursday, July 28

This is quite literally the best trading opportunity of the summer.

If it’s the only thing you do on Thursday, make sure to take notes on Sykes’ presentation.

Everyone starts trading to make money … but very few people actually achieve their goals.

Usually, because they don’t know what to look for… 

Reserve your spot to discover this summer’s biggest profit opportunity.

Get your head in the game,

Roland Wolf

Editor, The Wolf’s Den

P.S. Tim Sykes believes the next 46 days can lead to 10x gains. There’s a rare opportunity setting up … Want to get involved? Register today for this exclusive event to get all the details. 

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