The Brand-New Monkeypox Play Everyone’s Watching

by | Aug 19, 2022

Welcome back to the Wolf’s Den,

Today I’m going to show you how savvy traders are yanking profits out of this market. 

Here’s the playbook that’s currently working for finding winning plays…

  • hot sector
  • recent news
  • stock float below 10 million shares
  • a trading volume of at least 1 million shares
  • clean looking chart… 

That’s it.

If you focus on any other stocks, you’re asking for failure.

The ones I trade don’t come around every day. But that’s the beauty of my job.

If I open my laptop and there isn’t a stock I like, I’ve got the whole day to do whatever I want.

I used to fill that time with a second job. But I quit after crossing $200,000 in trading profits.

And last Wednesday there was a perfect trade opportunity.

I’m gonna show you exactly what to look for by using Wednesday’s stock as an example.

Keep reading … 

Sector Mania

We’re gonna focus on the monkeypox sector today. That’s the sector our stock is in … 

But monkeypox stocks aren’t the only hot sector.

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We’ve also got … 

  • IPOs
  • Meme stocks
  • Earnings winners

Those are some current examples.

Sectors come and go. So it’s important to keep a trained eye on the hottest stocks and understand what’s pushing them.

For weekly updates, I’d suggest signing up for Sykes’ free watchlist.

Here’s the link.

And without further ado … let’s prepare for profits.

Wednesday’s Runner

The stock’s called Blue Water Vaccines Inc. (NASDAQ: BWV).

At 8:30 A.M. Eastern, my scan alerted the monkeypox news.

An hour later, when the market opened, the price had already gapped up 37%.

It’s really easy to get caught up in the excitement when the market opens. But disciplined traders wait for the chart to shake out before making a trade.

By 10 A.M. Eastern, it put in a top just below $5. Then consolidated above $4 until just after noon.

Here’s a chart … 

That consolidation above a support level is when traders get in. That way there’s a clear level to cut a potential loss at. The closer a trader buys to $4, the less they risk.

The stock spiked 199% by market close.

The goal isn’t to catch all 199%. It’s to get in and out, as safely as possible for 10%, 20%, 30% … 

It doesn’t have to be perfect. I never catch the whole move, it’s safer to get out with what you’ve got. So keep your expectations in check.

My Scanner

I mentioned that my scanner picked up news at 8:30 A.M. Eastern … 

In order to profit in this sector, I’ve gotta be early for the move. By the time CNBC picks up the story, most of the good stuff is gone.

It’s pretty easy to be early. You’ve just gotta know where to look.

Free trading software displays information 10 – 20 minutes late. That’s no good.

I use StocksToTrade for my charts, and they offer a breaking news scanner run by two ex-hedge-fund guys.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank. I have a link where you can subscribe for just $7.

This is how I profit,


Roland Wolf

Editor, The Wolf’s Den


P.S. Tim Sykes is the reason I’m a millionaire. He’s the reason there are over twenty other millionaire traders. He taught us all how to profit in this niche. He can teach you too … here’s the link.

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